Asbestos Testing - Why It's So Important.

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Whether you think you have domestic or commercial asbestos at your property, correct identification and management are required. In addition to surveys, sampling and testing may be necessary to ensure a job can be carried out as safely as possible without exposing anybody to dangerous asbestos fibres.

Here’s everything you need to know about what happens if asbestos testing is required at your property.

When Do You Need Asbestos Sampling And Testing?

If your property was built before 2000, there’s a good chance asbestos is present. Therefore, if work is required that may disturb it, an asbestos survey should be performed by a competent individual.

When potential asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are discovered, further testing should be completed before any work begins. This will identify the type of asbestos present so it can be managed appropriately, whether you’re leaving it in situ, carrying out refurbishment work, or you’d like a removal.

How Is Asbestos Sampled?

Asbestos sampling is the ideal next step if potential ACMs are identified at your building. Asbestos doesn’t usually have any distinctive aesthetical characteristics to the naked eye, so you won’t be able to conclusively identify it without professional sampling and testing. Samples should always be taken in accordance with HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidelines, ensuring there’s no risk of asbestos dust exposure.

The safest sampling method is to hire a trained asbestos contractor, giving them access and pointing out any site hazards. Respiratory protection is worn, and everybody else should keep well away from the area. Your contractor will perform a visual examination of the material to determine where to take a sample, removing an adequate bulk for analysis. Each sample will be bagged correctly and safely transported to an accredited laboratory for testing.

What Are The Main Asbestos Testing Methods?

Asbestos testing takes place in a UKAS-accredited laboratory, where it’s safely inspected under magnification using special microscopes for this type of analysis. This allows the technicians to assess the fibres and identify the specific type of asbestos present. They base their analysis on factors such as how long the asbestos fibres are, their appearance, optical properties and the chemical composition of minerals examined.

Any samples tested must be issued with an official report stating whether asbestos was found or not while indicating the type identified. Sometimes, the sample is stored safely if further testing and analysis are required. Otherwise, the sample is treated as asbestos waste and disposed of appropriately.

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